Are you interested in growing your Boudoir or Beauty business?

I began photographing boudoir in 2011. I was 4 years into my professional photography career and had just moved 1000 miles across the country. My business quickly snowballed, until I had to move 1000 miles again in 2015. I took the year of 2015 off from photography, and then jumped in with two feet the following year. I created a VIP Facebook group and opened a studio in a rural town in NH. My VIP group started with less than 100 of my friends and past clients, and within a year grew to over 12,000 women. I am happy to share my tips and tricks to creating an exciting, growing, and profitable boudoir business. 

My rates for mentoring start at $150/hour. You can book a half day (4 hours) for $500 or a full day (8 hours) for $900. Included in your mentorship are all of my printed materials, email templates, pricing guides, an editing tutorial, a mini photo session for you at my studio, and access to assisting me on a live shoot within 30 days of your mentorship (or Skype if you are not local). 

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Contact me for more information or to book your mentoring session. 

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