1. Boulder Workshop

    Date 29 May 2018
    This weekend I attended a workshop for boudoir photographers in Boulder Colorado. First of all, I LOOOOOVE Boulder. I definitely see the appeal for why people move to this city, it’s so cute and fun. The weather is also killer. I was here a little over a year ago with…

  2. Shopping For Your Boudoir Experience

    Date 24 May 2018
    At Boudoir by Kelli Marie we aspire to make your entire boudoir experience as enjoyable as possible.  We know that lingerie and intimates shopping can be an overwhelming experience.  Besides including tips and information in our session guide, we offer help and services with wardrobe and accessory options Recommendations - Begin shopping…

  3. #empoweredbyboudoir

    Date 14 May 2018
    #empoweredbyboudoir is a hashtag I’ve been using on our Instagram posts. This is what it means to me Today, I’m Kelli Marie’s Media Manager and Studio Assistant, but at one time I was just like you. I was someone that found out about Boudoir by Kelli Marie through social media.…

  4. …maybe it was just meant for me.

    Date 07 May 2018
    Most of the time, I have never met my clients before their session. This was not the case with Katelin. We had met a few times through mutual friends, but that didn’t mean I “knew” her. When we first met, Katelin intimidated the shit out of me, so when she…

  5. Take a closer look

    Date 05 Feb 2018
    I don’t normally post THIS many images from a client’s session, I usually only post 1-2 per client (we only post images for our clients who sign consent forms - keeping your images private is totally fine too!!), but sometimes it’s nice to see all the variety we can capture in…

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