Reviews from our Clients

Ms. M

I had an amazing experience with Kelli back in September for my boudoir shoot! I did the shoot to feel better about myself and Kelli made me feel like I was a queen! The photos came out incredible and I can’t wait to do another photo shoot with her in the near future! I highly recommend her! 

Ms. R

I was so nervous in the weeks before my shoot, was I going to look ok? Was my skin going to be flawless? Or was my outfit choices correct? Millions of questions running through my mind. All up until I sat down in the " beauty chair". All my nervousness rushed out and I felt as if I was having a girls day. Kelli not only made me feel at ease but helped me to know that I was gorgeous the whole time, and all the worrying was for nothing. My shoot was mind blowing and as uplifting as anything I've ever felt before. I would pose for Kelli again and again!! 

Mrs. B

Kelli makes you feel at ease from the moment you enter the room.  You have a great time posing and laugh a ton.  The pictures are amazing.  Totally uplifting experience.  I recommend everyone to do this. 

Mrs. M

Amazing!!! Every woman will feel and look gorgeous! I totally recommend a session - it will always remind you just how beautiful you are!

Mrs. D

I had a boudoir session done with Kelli Marie Photography and had a great time! Never in my life have I felt more beautiful and sexy! Kelli made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I am so happy with my experience and my photos! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Mrs. R

I had a great time during my session, Kelli creates a very relaxed atmosphere and made me feel like we have known each other forever! The pictures came out amazing and it was so much fun. Kelli is your go to girl if you ever want to get some fun and sexy photos done.

Ms. S

Very friendly, responsive, willing to answer questions and give professional feedback on your pictures. I felt extremely comfortable working with her and I can't wait to surprise my fiancé with the boudoir shots! She's also photographing our wedding day and I'm already excited to see the pictures when they come in!!! Kelli is absolutely amazing!

Ms. R

I was fortunate enough to do a boudoir session with Kelli. To say I was nervous would be an understatement, but as soon as I met Kelli that all went away. Kelli is truly a beautiful soul who has the amazing ability to click with anyone. It was like talking to someone I've known forever. She did my hair and makeup better than I could have and took many photos in a variety of poses all while changing outfits, jewelry, and maintaining the perfect lighting. Her studio is absolutely adorable! I returned three days later to view my photos and had sooooo many to chose from. I was completely amazed with the way my photos came out and was offered a variety of products to choose from. Overall, I had the best experience I could have possibly had, was offered a variety of products to chose from, and am still in awe every time I look at my photos. I would highly recommend Kelli and will definitely book another session with her!

Mrs. D

Kelli has been my photographer for every important event in the past 5 years-engagement, boudoir, wedding, business headshots, maternity photos, etc. I have been amazed every time I see the results. She has a fantastic eye and always captures gorgeous photos, even from an unphotogenic person like me. She is always professional, prompt, and most of all, I always have a blast working with her! I highly recommend her for any photography needs!

Ms. R 

I am insecure. This is not something I ever thought I would do. All my photos were amazing, making it hard to pick the best ones. Kelli is ah-mazing!!!!! Highly recommend her! 

Mrs. B

Kelli is amazing. This is from my second session with her. My 1st was in studio and amazing. Outdoor session was amazing with a beautiful sunrise and amazing pictures. Everyone should book a session, it's empowering and makes you feel like a super model.

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