Experience what it's like to be a supermodel for a day, with New Hampshire's most reputable boudoir and beauty portrait artist. 


High quality, artistic wedding images that you and your family will cherish for generations to come. 


On location portrait sessions for families, maternity, seniors, and couples. Available anywhere in the greater Boston area!

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More than just images on a disc. 

Kelli Marie Photography is a full service boutique photography business. Kelli is an artist first and a photographer second, and it is her intent with every session to create unique images that her clients will proudly display in their homes. We strive to provide our clients with more than just digital images. Photographs are intended to be displayed on your walls, not just on your social media. Imagine if your parents received their wedding images on a Floppy Disc. How would you view them today? We want to make sure that your loved ones have albums and prints to look back on, and that these special moments don't become a thing of the past like Myspace and CDs. Here at Kelli Marie Photography, we do understand that we live in a digital age, therefore digital files are always available in conjunction with our traditional lineup of high quality archival products that will withstand the test of time.

Reviews from our Clients

Craig + Tammy

Kelli did a great job and we were very pleased with all our pictures. She made us feel comfortable the whole time and we had lots of fun! She had great ideas and was very helpful throughout our shoot. She rocks!

Tiffany + Matt

I loved Kelli and her work is amazing! I chose her for my wedding because her style is so creative and I knew she would be able to capture the looks I wanted. She is quick and you can tell she knows what she is doing. Her main focus is doing exactly what you want, whether that be a long session that is very detailed, or quick and painless for the guys! Thank you Kelli for all you've done!

Michelle + Mark

Working with Kelli was amazing . She has both the technical skills of a true professional photographer and the creative vision of an artist. We contributed our ideas, she came up with things we wouldn’t have thought of, and we ended up with a set of pictures that really capture our personalities. We look like us – but better. She made us feel comfortable and the shoot ended up being a lot of fun. 

Ms. S

Very friendly, responsive, willing to answer questions and give professional feedback on your pictures. I felt extremely comfortable working with her and I can't wait to surprise my fiancé with the boudoir shots! She's also photographing our wedding day and I'm already excited to see the pictures when they come in!!! Kelli is absolutely amazing!

Marrissa + Brandon

Kelli is amazing! Our engagement photos came out more perfect than we hoped and I can tell she put a lot of thought and creativity into capturing the perfect shots. Kelli had so many great ideas and was a lot of fun to work with! She made us feel comfortable and that made all the difference!

Allie + Pete

Kelli did a wonderful job with our wedding photos! She has an excellent eye and got some wonderful shots (even if we aren't always the most photogenic people!) Thank you so much!!!

Mrs. M

Amazing!!! Every woman will feel and look gorgeous! I totally recommend a session - it will always remind you just how beautiful you are!

Mrs. D

I had a boudoir session done with Kelli Marie Photography and had a great time! Never in my life have I felt more beautiful and sexy! Kelli made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I am so happy with my experience and my photos! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Mrs. R

I had a great time during my session, Kelli creates a very relaxed atmosphere and made me feel like we have known each other forever! The pictures came out amazing and it was so much fun. Kelli is your go to girl if you ever want to get some fun and sexy photos done.

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